Do you have valuable skills and knowledge that you’re bursting to share with others?

  • Interactive workshops
  • 4 HOURS

These sessions are up to 4 hours long and require a balance of explanation, demonstration, feedback throughout and plenty of opportunities for delegates to shoot alongside you and come away with a better portfolio and understanding. These longer sessions will ensure delegates have time to ask you questions and experience some one-to-one mentoring from you. If you require models for your session it will be your responsibility to source them. These sessions will take place in local houses to mimic the feel of a real home or they can take place outside at a pre-agreed location close to the venue.

  • Interactive workshops
  • 90 MINUTES

These are 90-minute sessions which should include a balance of talking to the delegates about your approach in the given subject matter along with demonstration time. These sessions should include a model/models, so you are able to fully demonstrate your approach. You will need to source your own models for these sessions. You can opt whether to include time for delegates to shoot alongside you or not. These sessions will take place in hotel suites within the venue or outside at a pre-agreed location.

  • teaching/breakout groups
  • 45-60 MINUTES

Classroom Talk: These sessions will be 45-60 minutes long and will focus solely on the delivery of a particular message in line with your chosen subject. These talks should be about sharing knowledge, inspiring and ensuring delegates leave with solid learning in a very specific area. Classroom talks will take place in meeting rooms within the hotel venue. Maximum number of attendees: 20-100 depending on demand.

A Note About Your Application

We really want you to think about the following things before submitting an application – go through the list and really dig deep and think about what you bring to the Table.

1. What makes you uniquely you?

2. What type of photography or related subject makes you tick?

3. What can you share that will give delegates real lightbulb moments?

4. What will delegates go away and change or do following your class/workshop/talk?

5. What will this experience mean to you?

6. What will this experience mean to your delegates?

7. What objectives will be firmly met at the end of your class/workshop/talk?

8. Why do you want to do this?

You don’t need to submit the answers to the questions above, but we really want you to hold onto the answers and ensure they are reflected in your application. Deadline for application forms: 24th May 2019.

Please tick the workshop you are interested in

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Course pre-requisites

Tell us more about your attendees

ATTENDEE SKILL LEVEL (Please tick) BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced

Equipment and how you work

We would love to know a little about the equipment and software you currently use

Thank you for taking time to apply! We will work through applications as quickly as possible. Due to the volume of applications we will only be able to follow up with those who are successful but are so grateful for your time in applying.