Laura Wood – Speaker

I’m so looking forward to be giving a talk at Phlock Live 2020. My talk will cover self-portraiture which has come to mean so much to my creative development and in finding my voice.

Self-portraiture has given me the gift of being able to slow down – both in life and the way I shoot. Self-portraiture has taught me to observe more carefully, to realise that there is a glimmer of beauty in even the most difficult days of motherhood. It has taught me to shoot with intent and not to simply keep firing away with my eye pressed up to the view-finder – to step back and really take note of composition, light and think about what I’m really trying to say.

Self-portraiture has been truly cathartic in many ways for me. It has helped me to take my emotions and put them into a place that I can actually see and understand. It has enabled me to make connections with other women who are on the same journey as me and has made me feel less alone. It has also been an incredibly freeing journey without which I’m not sure I would have found the freedom to create in the way I wanted and needed to. 

In my talk I will be taking you through my journey over the last couple of years, what self-portraiture has come to mean to me and how it can free you creatively. I will share tips for achieving focus, managing settings and how to make self-portraiture easy and accessible. 

Love, Laura x

Laura Wood