We’ve had a few people ask us why we have chosen to host a women only photography conference.

The answer could be very long-winded but we will keep it as simple as we can. We are underrepresented. There are all kinds of statistics out there (just google it) amongst them are these: ‘According to Guerilla Girls in 2012, of all of the works displayed by the Modern Art department of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, a whopping 96% were created by men’ 

Yes – it’s getting better. Yes – we value the work of men in the industry. But, yes – we want to create a space for women. Yes – we want to shine a massive spotlight on women. Yes – there is an Emmeline Pankhurst statue less than 3 minutes from the venue we’ve chosen. No to being asked if we know how to work our cameras. No to the phrase ‘just another mum with a camera’. Let’s show the world what we are made of!

Phlock Live is built of live workshops, shoot-along sessions, business masterclasses and much more. Here you can take your photography to the next level, understand how to improve your business and make connections that last a lifetime. 

See you there!