Phlock weekly competition update

Hi everyone! Well, you all blew us away with your first weekly cover competition entries. The variety and quality of work left us flabbergasted and incredibly inspired. It was truly hard to choose the winning image because you’re all just too damn good!

It was really interesting talking through the images with Phlock Live speakers, Antonina and Emma. We all saw the images in such a unique way and noticed things the others hadn’t – proof that photography is so open to interpretation and that our own life experience shapes the way we see art. Antonina gave us goose-bumps when she described the way she saw Kate Peterson’s image: ‘I wonder if it represents the way children are seeing advertising all the time and particular standards of beauty’

If you haven’t watched the video yet then check it out!

Huge congratulations to everyone mentioned and to Hanna Wolf for being selected as this week’s winner, and….congratulations to every single one of you who put your head above the parapet and shared your work – we know that sharing your work can make you feel vulnerable because, as Sue Sonnenberg quoted in her recent interview, ‘every photograph we make is a self-portrait, because there’s a part of us in everything we create’ So, keep sharing your images. Keep lifting one another up and take a look at the beautiful images below which are moving, inspiring and incredibly creative.

The theme this week is Emotional Connection so share away and use the hashtag #emotionalconnection

We’d love to see you over at our Facebook community where we’ll be hosting weekly competitions.

Thanks for reading!

Laura and Sarah

Hanna Wolf
Ann Owen
Ashley Marston
Cathy Murphy
Chui King Li
Clare Louise
Emily Renier
Emma Wood
Karen Long
Kate Petersen
Kristen Anderson
Liz Stowe
Melina McGrew McConnaughy
Neely Ker-Fox
Nikki Frettsome
Saranya Shanker