The power and importance of personal projects

A post by Chloe Lodge who will be speaking at Phlock Live 2020

Personal projects are about answering the questions we have in our hearts, they are about committing to the regular exercise of creating and help us to stay focus and continue to show up. 

My name is Chloe Lodge and I’m a self-confessed personal project addict, however, it wasn’t always the case. When I realized it was time for a new career, and therefore needed to make money with my photography, I struggled with knowing what projects to dig into. It was nine years ago, I wasn’t a Mum yet, I was living in a country which wasn’t my own, I was newly married and we had to make ends meet. I knew I loved to take pictures, I thrived off working with people and needed a new career, photography was the perfect fit but beyond that I had no true idea what I wanted to take pictures of. I’ll admit I got busy with the business of making money and in turn lost my way as an artist. 

A hop, skip, five country moves, establishing businesses each time, leaving businesses each time, lots of falling down rabbit holes, lost years, then found ones too to now, nine years later. My family and I are now living in New Zealand and I’m working solely on personal projects. I’m finding a deep satisfaction and connection to my work, as well as realizing business opportunities I never knew existed. My work is receiving global recognition and awards, and I’ve recently written a very special book called ‘For the Love of the Photograph’. It’s a personal project in itself and was born from my journey. I wrote it as a reminder to myself and from the deep desire of encouraging and nurturing others.

I’m excited and honoured to be speaking in a Gather Session at Phlock Live in March, I’ll be sharing my story in greater depth and how in the years when I wasn’t doing personal projects I struggled the most. We’ll talk about how no two personal projects are the same, in content, story, goals, volume and time frame. We’ll talk about how to make them achievable and fit with your busy life. We’ll talk about how they are relevant at every stage of your career and that there is no better time to start than right now. We’re going to work on igniting those burning embers in your belly and bring forth your inner voice setting you apart in this busy, jam-packed throng of an industry. 

If you can’t wait to grab your copy at Phlock Live in March, pop on over to Get ahead of the curve by buying the book being devoured and loved by photographers of every level all over the world. And don’t forget to sign up for my amazing Gather session, this is your time to shine, let’s help you create your own unique light together. 

Chloe Lodge, New Zealand 

The Power and Importance of Personal Projects
Sunday 22nd March, Phlock Live