Phlock weekly competition update


Well, what can we say? It’s been emotional. The entries this week moved us to tears, made us feel nostalgic and connected us with the people within the images and the artists who took them. They took our minds on a train traveling backwards as we remembered people we love, feelings we’ve felt and times in our own lives.

The winning image this week is by Melissa Helmick and is so beautifully executed – the close crop, the pin-sharp detail of the little strand of hair, goose-bumps on skin and chubby baby hand, whilst the softness of the rest of the image lends itself so well to this tender moment. The emotional connection is palpable even without being able to see either subject’s face which allows us to go to our own memory of safety and connection and to imagine what the mother and child are feeling.

Congratulations, Melissa and to everyone whose images were highly commended.

The theme this week is COLOUR – the colours can be bold and bright, dreamy pastels or beautifully rich. Please continue to share your beautiful work in the group – you are all incredibly inspiring.


Laura and Sarah

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Melissa Helmick
Alaina Young
Alexandra Szigeti
Ashly Collins
Beth Sunners
Bree Friesen
Diana Hagues
Jade Lyf
Karah Mew
Karen Long
Melina McGrew McConnaughy
Natalie Watts
Neely Ker-Fox
Rebecca Coursey
Seona Misumi