Phlock weekly competition update

All Is Calm

This week’s theme made us all take a deep breath and look for moments of peace in our lives. We were encouraged to slow down and observe slower scenes or to revisit images we’ve taken which remind us what our own calm feels like.

From quiet minutes after babies have just been born, the white-noise of a sky filled with snow, to tranquil landscapes and little slivers of calm in an otherwise fast-paced life with children – the images both took our breaths away and helped us breathe a little easier all at once.

Congratulations to Melinda McIntyre for being chosen as this week’s winner and to all those whose images were highly commended. Melinda’s image speaks of calm amongst the chaos of family life whilst making us feel that they are parents who are very content with the children and life surrounding them. The clever use of light and shadows to tell the story is so well considered yet nothing about the image feels forced.

We hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful, calming images as much as we did.


Laura and Sarah

Melinda McIntyre
Alicja Pietras
Anca Clivet
Andrea Snyder Martin
Ashley Marston
Bri Viglianco
Bridget M Parmenter
Carla Monge
Caroline Over
Carolyn Mendelsohn
Ceri Herd
Charlene McNabb
Clare Champion
Diana Hagues
Erin Hensley
Hanna Wolf
Jennifer Rainey Mason
Joan Arpaia
Justine Curran
Jyotsna Bhamidipati
Karah Mew
Koren Smith
Liz Stowe
Maxine Small
Molly Garner
Nadine Brandt
Nikki Frettsome
Nina Mace
Susi Petherick
Tammy Nicole