Phlock weekly competition update – Yummy Light

We were seeking out light for the past week over in the Phlock Community. From dynamic patterns to little slivers, incredible sun-flares and beautiful sunrises – the images were truly inspiring.

Light is a basic human need so it’s little wonder that it is such an important factor for photographers when creating images. Beyond being a necessity, light is something which people who see the beauty of the world notice often – we look for it, follow it, know which kinds make us feel joyful, energised, melancholy and nostalgic. The winning and highly commended images offer the viewer a whole range of emotions and prove that light is so important in creating mood in our photographs.

The light which enters our homes can turn ordinary corners into something magical – a time to pause and feel gratitude for the way an ordinary object or corner is bathed in a warm or cool glow. The way a single beam of light enters and illuminates the face of a loved one can move us greatly, make us take pause, feel gratitude and make an ordinary moment one of our milestone memories. In images, light takes us back to the warmth or cool air of the day so we are able to instantly remember the sounds and emotions we held within us in the moment we took the photograph.

Karlee Hooper created this week’s winning image in a parking lot in Calgary – the lines and energy of the image are beautiful and Karlee shows us that light is everywhere, even in parking lots, when our eyes are open to it. Karlee’s image serves as a good reminder that taking our cameras everywhere is good practice – whether it’s a professional camera or a phone, because you never know where the next patch of yummy light is going to present itself to you.

Anca Clivet captioned her highly commended image beautifully: ‘be grateful for the shadows, they will always show you where the light is coming from’

Congratulations to everyone featured this week. The entries for our new theme of ‘everyday life’ are wonderful so please continue to share. You are inspiring us and others more than you know. Huge thanks to Cathy Murphy for helping us to review the entries.


Laura and Sarah

Karlee Hooper
Amy Shire
Anca Clivet
Ashley Marston
Aviva Raichelson
Chloe Lodge
Cindy Knight
Gemma Griffiths
Jamye Denson
Jo Martindale
Joni Burtt
Kirsty Larmour
Koren Smith
Laura Parkin
Liz Stowe
Merja Varkemaa-Schneider