Phlock weekly competition update – everyday life

The images shared this week gave us the gift of a glimpse into our community’s everyday life and how, whilst it can look vastly different for many of us, there are themes which follow through the stories – they are stories of love, the care we provide to others and the objects that make a house a home.

We were joined by Agi Lebiedz to review the entries this week – Agi pointed out that we had so many images taken in kitchens this week which is not that surprising – the kitchen is where so many of us spend the majority of our time. The space where good stories, celebratory meals and care-giving take place. Sometimes dancing. The kitchen is also the space where we can feel overwhelmed by everyday tasks such as cooking, washing the dishes and endless cleaning.

We included two series this week as we felt it would be doing the work of Natalia and Jennifer an injustice by only sharing one image from their sets – they had each taken time to tell us a story and invite us into an emotional time in their lives. They showed us that a collection of images to tell a story can be incredibly powerful.

Natalia’s series won the challenge this week – her heartfelt and inspiring approach to show us the spaces in her grandmother’s home, both with her grandmother present and then absent, moved so many of us. We could feel the relationship Natalia had with her grandmother in every image – even those which only featured objects. The series is thoughtfully approached and delicately pieced together in such a unique way – a perfect example of love and loss documented through art.

Thank you to every single one of you who shared your lives and work with us this week. You have inspired one another to capture more of your own everyday lives and we are so grateful to all of you.


Laura and Sarah

Natalia Zapala-Movshovitz
Natalia Zapala-Movshovitz
Natalia Zapala-Movshovitz
Aly Joy Nickerson
Amy Shire
Anca Cernoschi
Jennifer Taylor
Jessica Miles
Justine Curran
Jyo Pattis
Karolina Tyszer
Katie Metka
Leigh Watson
Meg Loeks
Melinda McIntyre
Melissa Helmick
Morvern Shaw
Raluca Chase
Sarah Mason
Sinead Eliza Beth
Sonja Stich
Tonya Hess Mancuso
Twyla Jones