It’s time to dig deep…

We are delighted to see so many of you have signed up for The Voice Within! The Voice Within is a suite of five beautiful online classes curated by Laura & Sarah who know that working with a unique variety of artists is the key to creating a magical and deeply explorative experience.

As a photographer, Laura knows how challenging it can be to discover and confidently create from a place of true self and unique artistic voice. The challenges of social media can hold us back from creating and sharing the work that truly moves us and fills our artistic cups. She believes in allowing ourselves to be pulled in all the artistic directions our hearts desire and that this back and forth needn’t concern itself with consistency. Laura believes in letting go, throwing out the rule book and going back to why we started as often as needed in order to remain true to ourselves and the voice within. She believes that the creative journey is not linear and that allowing space for trying new techniques, forever learning, letting go, occasionally getting it wrong and shooting intuitively is where the magic happens.

Your five incredible instructors all have such a unique voice and vision. Their work is instantly recognisable without being confined by other’s expectations or the pressure of creating in any one way. They are creatively free, inspirational and their hearts are in everything they produce.

Your instructors are:

Lisha Zulkepli
Emma Wood
Rashida Keenan
Adri De La Cruz
Lindsay Saunders

In your five classes you’ll receive:

  • Beautiful and inspiring lessons in creativity
  • Behind the scenes footage to see how they work with space, light and concept
  • Editing tutorials
  • Advice in remaining true to your unique voice and vision

Classes open on the 1st of August and are available to watch at any time and in any order from the 1st to the 5th of August. You can pause the classes, replay them, rewind them and dive in to five beautiful hours of education over the five days. You can watch them on a phone, laptop, PC or tablet making the classes accessible on any device.

It’s time to dig deep, go on a new journey, remember why you picked up a camera in the first place, embrace your unique quirks and stories and create with confidence knowing that nobody has the power to see the world in the same way that YOU do.