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When I look back to where my work was compared to where it is now I feel I am a completely different photographer. I believe that this is thanks to the wonderful and supportive Phlock community.

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I have always loved photography. Initially all I photographed was landscapes, flowers and so many of my feet, for years this is all I did until I eventually got bored and was struggling to connect with my work, I knew I loved photography I just didn’t know why and I felt like this was a very important piece of my puzzle.

3 years ago my brother in law passed away suddenly and then a few short months later so did my father. It was after this that I saw the importance of being able to document family moments and emotion and I began to explore this more. My work shifted from landscape to people but I was trying to recreate a box set of images. Pose 1, 2, 3…..and repeat. My work was bright and recreations of what I had seen before but I still wasn’t connecting with my work.

I’ve had a few mentors in my life but we have moved around so much that I have never been in one place long enough to really benefit from them. I wanted my photography to be so much more and I believe I was guided to the Phlock community as this is the place that I found the answers I was so desperately seeking.

Phlock Thrive and Shine was the doorway into my new home. I locked myself up in this safe space for the weekend and binged on all the videos. Listening to these incredible photographers, I saw the work they were producing and suddenly I saw the kind of work that I had been trying to create. Work with heart and soul, emotive and thought provoking, real and captivating.

But the biggest and most important part of all was that Phlock saw me. I posted a few images, little snaps that I had taken after feeling motivated by the videos and they were seen, appreciated and shared. Suddenly I was part of this community and being acknowledged.

Phlock has this incredible ability to attract people who love and uplift first and I believe that this has been an integral part of my growth. I have been surrounded by people who want me to shine. I am learning everyday and It is so important to have people believe in you. This support created a safe space for me to turn inward, to slow down and find my voice and to edit in a style that felt right and authentic to me but also to experiment and get things wrong because it was fun. I hadn’t realised my growth until I looked back and although there has definitely been technical development I believe it all comes down to the personal growth within, it has changed how I see myself and then in turn the world around me. I am now photographing with intention.

So a huge thank you to Laura and Sarah for creating such a beautiful space. I feel like my soul is in my work and I can only hope that I continue on this path as my career and journey has only just begun.

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Claire Mallon