Phlock Down Memory Lane

Stephanie Granger | Massachusetts | | @stephaniegrangerphotography This photo was inspired by one of the few images of my father’s childhood he has. He is the one  standing next to the mirror and in the mirror you can see his twin brother looking at him from another part of the room as well as […]

It’s time to dig deep…

We are delighted to see so many of you have signed up for The Voice Within! The Voice Within is a suite of five beautiful online classes curated by Laura & Sarah who know that working with a unique variety of artists is the key to creating a magical and deeply explorative experience. As a […]


Women in Photography Create Images Inspired by Music During Lockdown Members of the Phlock Community were inspired by a challenge to use music as a source of inspiration for their photography during the lockdown period. From Abbey Road to Florence and the Machine and a whole host of music genres and song lyrics in between they created beautiful, […]

The Phlock Thrive and Shine Summit

Less than a month ago, we had to take the heart wrenching decision to postpone Phlock Live – our very first event and something that we’d given our absolute all to. An event we knew was so so needed for women in photography. The decision to postpone Phlock Live feels like a distant memory given […]

A little update…

We know we’ve been a little quiet recently but that’s because we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes working on our new project… Phlock+ As many of you know, last year we gave everyone who had a Phlock Live ticket access to the Phlock Academy – our private Facebook group filled with photography tips and […]

New dates for Phlock Live!

We’re so excited to announce that the new dates for Phlock Live are 5th to 7th March 2021! We’ve decided to wait until next March because we’re aware of the impact the virus could have through the summer and autumn months and we will use this time to make the event even bigger and better. […]

Phlock Live Going Ahead

Further to recent photography event cancellations due to coronavirus, we wanted to reassure you that Phlock Live 2020 is going ahead as planned. We are being guided by the facts and and the most up to date information from Public Health England who have not advised against any events of this size. Attendance at Phlock […]

Phlock weekly competition update – everyday life

The images shared this week gave us the gift of a glimpse into our community’s everyday life and how, whilst it can look vastly different for many of us, there are themes which follow through the stories – they are stories of love, the care we provide to others and the objects that make a […]

Phlock weekly competition update – Yummy Light

We were seeking out light for the past week over in the Phlock Community. From dynamic patterns to little slivers, incredible sun-flares and beautiful sunrises – the images were truly inspiring. Light is a basic human need so it’s little wonder that it is such an important factor for photographers when creating images. Beyond being […]

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

–Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni Blog post by Phlock Live speaker Chloe Lodge Recently on the Phlock community Facebook page the question ‘who is a self-taught photographer?’ was asked by one of its members. The response was unreal, literally dozens of artists stepped forward and raised their hand. It was incredible to see name after name […]

Phlock weekly competition update

All Is Calm This week’s theme made us all take a deep breath and look for moments of peace in our lives. We were encouraged to slow down and observe slower scenes or to revisit images we’ve taken which remind us what our own calm feels like. From quiet minutes after babies have just been […]

Phlock weekly competition update

COLOUR You continue to inspire us with your brilliant and inspiring images and the past week’s challenge of Colour brought us so much joy. Each artist used colour in such a unique and interesting way – from rich tones to rainbow brights, jewel like hues and little pops of colour which tell the stories so […]

Phlock weekly competition update

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Well, what can we say? It’s been emotional. The entries this week moved us to tears, made us feel nostalgic and connected us with the people within the images and the artists who took them. They took our minds on a train traveling backwards as we remembered people we love, feelings we’ve felt […]

The power and importance of personal projects

A post by Chloe Lodge who will be speaking at Phlock Live 2020 Personal projects are about answering the questions we have in our hearts, they are about committing to the regular exercise of creating and help us to stay focus and continue to show up.  My name is Chloe Lodge and I’m a self-confessed […]

Phlock weekly competition update

Hi everyone! Well, you all blew us away with your first weekly cover competition entries. The variety and quality of work left us flabbergasted and incredibly inspired. It was truly hard to choose the winning image because you’re all just too damn good! It was really interesting talking through the images with Phlock Live speakers, […]

Submitting your work

A post by Bex Maini who will be speaking at Phlock Live 2020 about storytelling in colour. I thought I’d write a bit about submitting your work for awards and recognition as it’s something I noticed people talking about in a photo group recently.  I submit my work for two reasons – I think it […]