Ashley Marston

Love and laughter comprise the primary subject matter for Vancouver Island-based photographer Ashley Marston. An award-winning and published Birth, Lifestyle & Documentary photographer/filmmaker (and busy mother of three), Ashley strives for images that capture those two staples of family relationships, as well as the quiet moments that might otherwise go unseen. Always seeing life through […]

Louise Gibbens

Louise works with small independent brands on styled shoots to create unique campaign or editorial images.  From initial concept, through to the actual shoot itself, there are various stages and processes to go through.  Louise’s Inspire session will give an overview of this creative journey, culminating in a styled kids fashion shoot where participants will […]

Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason is a photographer and filmmaker based in the West Yorkshire town, Hebden Bridge. She lives with her wife Suzi, and in August 2018, they welcomed their beautiful baby daughter Olive into the world. Sarah and Suzi have been partners in life for over 14 years, and in the business for 10. Sarah’s love […]

Diana Hagues

Diana is a Cambridgeshire-based photographer specialising in documentary family and wedding photography. She has a photojournalistic approach that is focused on storytelling and capturing the beauty of the everyday. Her love of nature and art inspires her to create photographs with genuine feeling and emotion mixed with creativity. In 2019, she was named one of […]

Emma Collins

After years of building a successful lifestyle business thing’s started to feel “Meh” for Emma – the pretty family photos taken in pretty light started blending into one… So, she went back to the drawing board, poured over her personal and client portfolios to identify what it was that made her feel excited. She had […]

Bhavna Barratt

Bhavna Barratt is an internationally published and award-winning wedding photographer living in Yorkshire, England. Bhavna specialises in Asian weddings and has shot over 180 Asian weddings over the last 7 years. Inspired by her large joint Indian family and her Indo-African heritage, she loves weddings that are full of joyful chaos and that ooze personality. […]

Ashly Collins

Ashly is a creative in both personality and mind. She thrives on chaos, love, and sunshine. She is working on finding that sweet balance between her love for home and wanderlust for exploring the world. She is known by many titles, photographer, daughter, sister, wife, and the sweetest of all – mother. When she is […]

Olga Levien

Olga Levien, is a New Zealand Artist, Mum and Mentor. Successful wedding and family award-winning photographer. An everyday storyteller seeking adventure and capturing family activities with her three active little ones. Olga loves to capture the beauty in the details and harmony in the moments. Olga earned a PhD in pedagogical science working as a […]

Justine Curran

Justine Curran is a Sydney-based photographer –– specializing in Family photography + Children’s editorial/fashion.  Inspired by femininity, Motherhood and Summer vibes — Justine’s work is playful, emotive, and nostalgic.  Her eye-catching imagery and distinct use of connection and composition have led to many exciting brand collaborations and awards.  Notable publications such as Goop, VOICE – […]

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas is a fashion, portrait and beauty photographer with over 20 years of experience. Amanda has worked with creative agencies, art directors and directly with business owners of small exciting fashion brands, to create beautiful, polished and striking images that are elegant, empowering and engaging. In 2019 Amanda became a collaborator with Profoto and delivered a talk on creative […]

Coralie Monnet

Coralie is an artistic & documentary photographer based in Manchester. She photographs family & wedding stories in a poetic and journalistic style to capture the love, emotions and the relationships between people. Coralie loves listening to stories – for all her life she’s been asking anyone around her to tell her their stories. Love stories, […]

Caroline Jensen

Caroline Jensen, a Sony Artisan of Imagery, is an award-winning photographic artist that lives on the wild prairie. Her passion for storytelling and creating art from the world around her has led her to photograph a wide range of subjects in her signature artistic style. She finds her niche in painterly images with dramatic light […]

Emma Wood

Emma Wood is a fine art, portraiture and creative photographer. Words like ‘Visionary’, ‘Earthy’ and ‘Timeless’ are often used to describe her work. She threw herself into her photographic journey after a strong desire to capture her children as they grew up. Photography has allowed Emma to incorporate her love for fine art and old […]

Agi Lebiedz

Agi is an internationally published family photographer based in the UK. She is a light and colour chaser, focused on finding the magic and truth in every day. Born in Poland, she has been living abroad for more than a decade with her Australian partner and their British daughter, therefore with three ‘homes’, so far […]

Amy French

Amy French is an award-winning creative wedding photographer from Australia, but has been based in Ireland since 2001. Amy comes from a family of artists and studied fine art and photography at university in Australia before moving to Ireland. She has over a decade of experience, photographing weddings and the driving belief behind her work […]