Phlock Weekly Roundup of Images by the Phlock Community – Something Blue

You recently inspired us with your take on the ‘something blue’ theme and found exciting ways to incorporate the colour blue into your images. Feast your eyes on these wonderful images – from conceptual portraiture, inviting seas, calming tones to nature and the glorious pop of a blue apron illuminated by light.

Artist: Miroslava Pajić Stević

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Name: Maxine Small

Artist: Kate Cuénoud 


Artist: Caroline Over

What are the weekly themes? The weekly themes are part of a larger 52 week project – you may be taking part in each weeks challenge but can also dip in and out as you wish. We hope that the themes inspire new ways of seeing and pushing creative boundaries. We announce the themes and relevant hashtags in the Phlock Facebook Community and also in the newsletter which we aim to send out weekly. You can sign up to the newsletter on our homepage.

Congratulations to all those featured here this week. It’s always a pleasure to review the work of such a talented and unique group of artists.


Laura & Sarah