Guest Speakers

Agi Lebiedz

Family Photographer

The Art of Taming the Moment

In the world of fast forward, Agi would like to invite you to slow down the pace with her. During this shoot along session with a real family, Agi will show you her way of thinking and composing the frame. She will show how to work with light and shadows and why she has fallen in love with darkness. During the workshop and the shoot along, she will present her way of composing the frame that consists of being right in the middle of the action without being seen. Agi will discuss the border between raw and styled and her take on taming the reality and how to swiftly slide through the kaleidoscope of approaches.

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Agi is an internationally published family photographer based in the UK.

She is a light and colour chaser, focused on finding the magic and truth in every day.

Born in Poland, she has been living abroad for more than a decade with her Australian partner and their British daughter, therefore with three ‘homes’, so far away from each other, the importance of capturing honest connections is particularly significant to her and her work.

She would love to invite you to slow down the pace with her and unravel the concept of taming of the reality; the kaleidoscope of approaches of capturing the moment and its emotions.

How to make it happen – Your, unique, way.