Guest Speakers

Amy French

Wedding Photographer

The Art of Invention with Intention

Amy’s session will inspire you to push your creative boundaries to make art with intention and stand out from the crowd. It will include a practical study of the anatomy of an image, including composition, framing, focus, light, exposure, negative space, pattern and texture as well as some creative in-camera techniques she has mastered, including reflections, creative use of shutter speed and multiple exposures as well as creative work in photoshop with layers, layer modes and textures to create artful images. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot alongside Amy and put your newfound knowledge into practice.

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Amy French is an award-winning creative wedding photographer from Australia, but has been based in Ireland since 2001. Amy comes from a family of artists and studied fine art and photography at university in Australia before moving to Ireland. She has over a decade of experience, photographing weddings and the driving belief behind her work is that each wedding story she shoots is unique, and therefore she approaches each one with an open mind and a creative eye. Amy loves capturing the real moments that unravel throughout a wedding day, but also places great emphasis on creating artful and innovative wedding portraits for her clients to hang proudly on their wall.
Amy has spoken and taught at conferences throughout Ireland since 2018, as well as running workshops teaching wedding photographers the finer points of creative shooting and editing techniques to help their work shine and stand out in a sea of wedding photographers.
Amy lives in a tiny cottage on an acre beside a lake in the midlands of Ireland with her cats, horses and rescue whippet Gallifrey. In her spare time she loves to redecorate her house and deliberate over paint colours.