Guest Speakers

Andrea Martin

Child and Pet Photographer Creative Connection Seeker

Capturing the Bond Between Children and Animals

This class will focus on capturing the bond between children and their pets. Andrea will cover how to create an image that tells a story and will go over the best lighting and how to use it to make your image pop. Andrea will go over how to choose the right wardrobe to tell a story and how to choose the perfect location. There will be live models and plenty of time for you to shoot and ask questions! Andrea’s class will cover everything you need to know from start to finish in setting up a session that will capture the magic of childhood intertwined with the love of a pet.

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Andrea is a photographer from West Virginia. She has four children and has been married 15 years. Andrea has been in photography full time for 5 years – a country girl at heart and prefers farm life to the city. Andrea’s passion is capturing the joy of childhood. She loves combining the innocence of children and the sweetness of animals and putting them together. Andrea loves to create fun images that tell a story and will be teaching a Bespoke class.