Guest Speakers

Anete Lusina

Street Photographer

Make the Street Work for You: The Importance of Personal Projects

Anete knows first-hand that street photography can be daunting and understands the anxiety caused by pulling her camera out in public and pointing it at strangers. More importantly, she knows the feeling of going home empty handed when you didn’t take that shot because you were too self-conscious. To help you overcome this, Anete will discuss the importance of a personal project to give you purpose, an objective, and a way to tackle the final result. “Through simple but clear objectives we start to focus more on what we're looking for and less on who's looking at us.”

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Anete is a full-time photographer and writer originally from Latvia, based in West Yorkshire, England. Professionally, weddings take up most time while personal photography is heavily based around self-portraits, street and documentary photography. Personal photography has always heavily featured in Anete’s personal and professional life. With a focus on emotions and the story behind the image, rather than technical qualities, Anete wants to encourage others to embrace the beauty of personal photography and how it can inspire, motivate and help one to grow. Having developed her own photography and way of seeing through various personal projects, Anete has experienced first-hand the positive effect this way of working has on her as a person and as a photographer. Dispelling the myth that photography is a purely technical exercise, Anete encourages everyone to focus on their vision, creativity and way of seeing the world, and doing so for themselves, first and foremost. This can maintain that lifelong passion and interest for photography and keep one from putting their camera down for good; Anete’s ambition is to remind photographers to truly enjoy the process and make it personal to them.