Guest Speakers

Anna Hardy

Family Photographer

Find Your Voice: Ditch The Comparison + Stand Proud With Your Own Unique Brand

Anna will help you become more confident, bring out your potential and feel good about your place both within the industry and as an artist and businessperson. In this class Anna will show you how attainable it is to develop your own unique, magnetic brand. In this class Anna will help you understand exactly what a brand is, why it’s important and how to create and leverage your own. She will help you explore your own individual purpose, personality, character, beliefs, stories and values, and understand how you can powerfully connect these to your photography, your business and your ideal clients. You will walk away confident in yourself and your brand, you will feel excited about looking inwards, not outwards, for ideas, inspiration and ‘the good stuff’ that will magnetise your ideal clients.

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Anna is a family photographer and mentor from sunny Manchester, mum to 14 year old Joe and 4 year old Huey. Her images are inspired by her love of people, their character and their stories, and she specialises in honest, creative family photography that celebrates real life, spirit, emotion and individuality.

With 12 happy years in the photography industry, Anna has successfully transitioned from wedding to family photography, and is now one of the country’s leading family photographers. As a past secondary school teacher, she’s hugely passionate about education and supporting others to realise their own unique strength and worth. For several years she’s run groups, workshops, courses and mentoring, helping hundreds of photographers develop and grow their own family and wedding photography businesses.