Guest Speakers

Antonina Mamzenko

Family Photographer and Business Mentor

Fearless Pricing and Selling for Family Photographers

Antonina will teach you how to create a profitable pricing structure, and work through the “holy sh*t!” moment that her students inevitably experience when they realise just how much they need to charge to actually make money from their passion. She’ll also be talking about finding clients who will pay the prices you need to charge, how to sell without being salesy, why pricing often has very little to do with talent or experience, and will help you overcome all those money fears that are holding you back from charging your worth.

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Antonina is an award-winning family photographer based in London, UK. Her unique style blends photojournalistic approach and lifestyle aesthetic to capture family life in all its joyful and messy glory. Over the past 10 years she has built a successful family photography business and now works with families from all over the globe, both in the UK and abroad.

Antonina is passionate about helping photographers run a sustainable business on their own terms, while providing for their families.