Guest Speakers

Ashly Collins

Maternity Photographer

Styling and shooting a maternity session

From evoking authentic emotion during a maternity session, posing, how to use light and different types, how to style a session, show off gowns or how to start your own client wardrobe. Ashly will cover all the basics to what settings she uses, to which angles and lenses she prefers, as well as editing. How to spot amazing locations and how to prep your clients for an amazing experience from start to finish. Ashly’s goal is to help bring out what inspires you, and how to add your own style and knowledge to every maternity session.

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Ashly is a creative in both personality and mind. She thrives on chaos, love, and sunshine. She is working on finding that sweet balance between her love for home and wanderlust for exploring the world. She is known by many titles, photographer, daughter, sister, wife, and the sweetest of all – mother. When she is not knee deep in some creative venture, she lives in a small quiet home in Vienna, West Virginia where she is raising two daughters. She finds real life magic when she is able to witness and capture maternity sessions.