Guest Speakers

Clare Barker Wells

In-home family photographer

Creating Magic at In-home Family Shoots

Join Clare Barker Wells, an award winning and internationally published photographer, for this incredible in-home shoot-and-learn experience with a beautiful local family in a home environment. In this shoot, Clare will share exactly how she creates magic as she works with families in their own homes. You’ll be able to watch her direct, lead, (and sometimes gently coerce!) the family into the stunning, honest, and authentic-looking moments that we all want to capture. Discover how to prepare both yourself and your clients for a session, how to coach families into beautiful moments that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and how to create flattering, emotion-filled shots in every single home, regardless of how 'insta-worthy' it is. Once you’ve been able to both learn from and observe Clare work with the family, you’ll get to capture your own images of the family with Clare offering feedback and guidance in the moment.

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Clare is an (award-winning and internationally published) British photographer currently based in Singapore (the British part of her makes her put the bit about awards in brackets because it’s in-built to be self-deprecating at all times). She is basically in love with photographing families looking bloody gorgeous in their own homes. Her second favourite thing to do is to teach other photographers how to create magic at in-home family sessions too. She has lived overseas with her husband and two small but wild children for over a decade (Russia, Malaysia, Singapore…and counting) so is not really sure she can claim to be fully British anymore – that being said, she still loves a good cup of tea and her sarcastic sense of humour will never leave her.