Guest Speakers

Clare Louise

Creative Leadership Coach

I’m Possible - The Creatives Guide to Authenticity

In a world where we are so busy doing and are faced everyday with constant distractions, suffering from broken focus syndrome, many of us are disconnected to our creative self and are feeling overwhelmed in our pursuit for creative success. In this talk Clare Louise will focus on the importance of the inner journey of self discovery and creative leadership, why most creatives fail to reach their goals and how, who we are being as a creative plays a huge part in realising our creative dreams.

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Clare Louise is a Creative Leadership Coach and founder of Creating Creativity® – a coaching and training philosophy that works with the whole person. You as an individual, a creative and a business owner or leader. Focusing on the mutual journey of both the inner and the outer world to create deeper connections to our selves and the world around us through authentic creativity.
Specialising in empowerment and creative authenticity, Clare Louise helps creatives across the globe transform their lives reconnecting them to their creative voice, finding their purpose and breaking through limiting beliefs so they can take make an impact doing what they love – confidently.
A multi award winning photographer, with a fellowship in Fine Art, Clare Louise has extensive experience in the photographic industry. Past CEO of an international photographic association, a photographic business owner, mentor, international judge and qualifications examiner. Today, Clare Louise practices as a fully trained business and life coach bringing all parts of her together with a wealth of expertise in her Creative Leadership Coaching.

‘I understand from personal experience what is is to be a creative woman trying to make ‘it’ happen whilst facing the challenges that come with being a creative. I believe creativity is our most under utilised asset. I believe all creatives deserve to follow their dreams and have a deep desire to transform lives through the power of authentic creativity’