Guest Speakers

Coralie Monnet

Humanist Photographer

The Art of Capturing Emotions & Connections

Join Coralie to learn how to create emotive pictures and tell stories of people's connections. In this shoot along session, Coralie will explain how she puts people at ease and how to capture raw emotions, the different relationships between people, and how to include the environment. Coralie will answer questions on her style and help you build your own portfolio. Time permitting, Coralie will also talk you through her selection and editing process.

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Coralie is an artistic & documentary photographer based in Manchester. She photographs family & wedding stories in a poetic and journalistic style to capture the love, emotions and the relationships between people.

Coralie loves listening to stories – for all her life she’s been asking anyone around her to tell her their stories. Love stories, stories of their childhood, their travels, their feelings about their life, anything that helps her picture who they really are. Stories are incredible, they allow you to travel, dream and feel. Coralie’s family has always been hugely important to her.

Coralie believes everyone deserves to have some details of their life photographed because it’s important to have keepsakes. What Coralie loves photographing the most is what is happening in real life. The real love people have for their family and their friends. But primarily, she wants them to remember how it feels.