Guest Speakers

Dana Pugh

Pricing Revolutionary

Pricing Sustainably is a Feminist Act

Dana will literally do the math to show you what it takes to run a sustainable photography business and why she believes that the vast majority of female photographers are falling short of that. Dana will also talk about how important it is to work together—to create a revolution in pricing for family photographers that is urgently needed. She will show different pricing structures and help people realize that it is just as important to be creative in your business as in your photography.

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Dana Pugh is an internationally acclaimed family and children’s photographer who has been documenting families in the Calgary area and across North America since 2007. In 2010, she was named the first ever Photographer of the Year by the National Association of Professional Children’s Photographers. Amongst family photographers, she is known for her personal work of her own children whom she has been documenting for the last 15 years. Her family’s innate sense of curiosity about the world has brought her to explore nighttime, underwater and environmental portraiture. Her work is part documentary, part portraiture, and full of personality. Her clients include children’s clothing lines, professional athletes and local celebrities, but, most importantly, amazingly awesome families from across north America. Since 2015, Dana has been mentoring photographers on how to price their digital files in order to run a thriving portrait business. This has caused her to launch an online pricing class and very active Facebook group called The Photographer’s Revolution because she truly believes that charging what you are worth is a revolutionary act. Empowering photographers to create businesses that both feed their souls and their pocketbooks has become one of her greatest passions.