Guest Speakers

Diana Hagues

Creative Documentary Photographer

Free the Lens: Finding Creativity Through Freelensing

Freelensing is the art of detaching the lens from the camera body to create dream-like imagery through slivers of focus. In this interactive class, Diana will talk about freelensing, show her own work and share some inspirations. You will be given a demonstration on how to freelense and how to set up your camera to practice the technique. Diana will also give you a live demonstration on how to create self-portraits using freelensing.

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Diana is a Cambridgeshire-based photographer specialising in documentary family and wedding photography. She has a photojournalistic approach that is focused on storytelling and capturing the beauty of the everyday. Her love of nature and art inspires her to create photographs with genuine feeling and emotion mixed with creativity. In 2019, she was named one of the top 100 female photographers to watch by Click & Company.

Diana will be teaching freelensing at Phlock Live. Attendees will be able to learn and engage in her interactive workshop where she will demonstrate how she freelenses. If you are looking to understand how to use this technique to infuse storytelling and whimsical magic then this is the class for you.