Guest Speakers

Julie Christie

Photographer and Business Coach

The simple way to create an extraordinary photography business

Julie’s Phlock talk comes from her obsession with questioning what makes some photographers more successful and profitable than other, equally talented photographers. She believes that in today’s teeming marketplace, the photographers who ‘make it’ are not just those who step up their business and marketing game. It’s the photographers who also know who they are and keep their true personality and character at the core of every single thing they do. And she claims you don’t have to be extroverted or quirky to do that!

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Julie Christie is a photographer and founder of the membership community, Togs in Business. There she helps photographers to develop marketing and business skills to equal their photography skills so they can create profitable, fulfilling photography businesses on their own terms.

She’s also a Simpsons super-fan, a world-class procrastinator and daiquiri lover. She loves nothing more than to chill on the couch with a full-sized German Shorthaired Pointer on her lap.