Guest Speakers

Laura Wood

Self-Portrait Artist

Self-Portraiture with Laura Wood

In this talk Laura will describe to you what self-portraiture has come to mean to her and her artistic journey. Laura will talk through images from her self-portrait series and share her thoughts and approach for each image. Whether you’ve never taken a self-portrait, or are new to this journey, Laura will encourage you to experience the creative freedom provided by a self-portrait project and will talk through how turning the camera on yourself can provide clarity of mind, feeling and artistic intent.

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Laura Wood is an internationally published and award-winning family and wedding photographer living in Yorkshire, England. She is inspired by her children, everyday family life and witnessing the unique connections people form in love and relationships. Laura started to take self-portraits as a way of documenting the hazy days of motherhood and this gave her a gift of being able to see the beauty in even the difficult days. Self-portraiture has become the place in which Laura feels most creatively free and she has taught both online and across the world. Laura co-founded Phlock to bring women in photography together and to carve out a space where we can all thrive. Laura is happiest when eating pie in a proper pub on a gloomy day with her husband and children.