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Maddy Shine

SEO Queen

SEOverwhelm or So Exciting Obviously: Getting Found Online with Maddy Shine

Maddy Shine will be sharing her top techniques for getting found on page one of Google so you can connect and get booked by people who are crying out for someone like you. By the end of this session you'll know how to dominate your particular niche, be armed with a holistic plan of action on how to promote your business and how to stop ignoring SEO because it feels hard. Essentially, she'll teach you how to go from SEOverwhelm to So Exciting Obviously (her true meaning for SEO) because what's more exciting than getting paid to do what you love by people who will pay you to be in their lives?

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Maddy Shine is known by her clients as the SEO Queen. She helps ambitious creative businesses get more sales through SEO (search engine optimisation) or “So Exciting Obviously” as she likes to call it. She loves to teach creative entrepreneurs in a fun way how to get found online, because SEO does not have to be dry or dull, it can be used as the tool to get you fully booked by your dream audience. Her passion for what she does and her attention to detail along with her sense of fun forms a package that will make you wonder how you did things before she came along. Clients praise Maddy for her ability to focus in on what truly works, as she creates no-fluff strategies that focus on business growth. Based in London, Maddy travels regularly, easily spotted by her large and colourful earrings. You can find her chatting and dancing here on Instagram, in her lively Facebook group So Exciting Obviously SEO for Creative Women or supporting strong creative women on her YouTube channel Gin & Magic.

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Headshot by Luisa Starling Photography