Guest Speakers

Natalie Burkinshaw

Brand and Art Director

Marketing to be Proud of

Join Natalie in this hands-on class as she talks you through the foundations of how best to present and market your own business. She will be taking attendees on the journey of developing the right brand, considering the customer experience, and having the right digital presence. Natalie’s passion has always been working with clients of all sizes, to help them create an environment where every customer interaction brings a proud smile and a delighted customer. This class will focus Natalie’s passion on helping you to do the same. So, at the end of the session, you will understand the importance of brand authenticity and have the confidence to consistently present your business in the best possible light across the print, digital and physical world. This class is suitable for anyone thinking of starting their own business through to those who have well-established businesses.

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A veteran art director, marketer and successful business owner of over 20 years, Natalie has worked for some of the biggest globally recognised brands. She is the founder and director of Crush, a boutique full-service agency based in the UK, who were delighted to be asked to bring the Phlock brand to life.

She is passionate about applying the same branding principles employed by successful organisations, to start-ups and small businesses. Storytelling is a big part of her approach and expect there to be plenty of practical tips and pointers during her session.