Guest Speakers

Neely Ker-Fox

Birth and family documentary photographer

Philanthropy: Storytelling with a Servant’s Heart

Photos have the ability to heal, uplift, educate, advocate, inspire, and stir change. In one way or another our lives have all be touched by someone in need, whether it be an individual or an entire group. Maybe your life was impacted by a close family member, or your heart stirred by a total stranger. Maybe a social injustice struck you to your core. Neely has found herself drawn to use her gifts to bless others through photography. In this class Neely will implore you to search your heart for what moves you, what ways can you bless others, and what ways can you make your community better. “I’ve never said I wish I had done less, or given less of myself to those in need. I’ve never come away saying, there’s nothing I can do for the people in my community. There’s always someone, there’s always something that can benefit from a philanthropic heart.”

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Neely Ker-Fox is a Birth and Family Documentary photographer based in Columbus, GA. After going professional in 2009 and exploring multiple photography genres, she found her calling for documentary work in 2011 upon shooting her first birth. She soon found that capturing a moment as it happens, genuinely and authentically was more creatively fulfilling and challenging than manufacturing moments through direction. Her photos in the birth community have impacted choices and options for mothers, not only in her own community but internationally as well. Being in a medical environment, she began to see stories that needed to be told, voices that needed to be heard. Quickly she saw opportunities to tell other stories, not just those in the birth world. Philanthropic sessions became a vital and necessary part of her career.
Neely’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire to name a few.