Guest Speakers

Sadie Wild

Birth Photographer

The essence of birth photography

This workshop will be an introduction to Birth Photography for those who are curious and considering exploring the genre. There will be an emphasis on the qualities required of a birth photographer, why you must debrief your own birth experiences, the sanctity of the birth space and how your energy can affect someone’s birth experience both negatively and positively. We will touch on the benefits of birth photography and birth imagery both for the birthing person, their families and for society as a whole. Touching on birth activism and the importance of self-care to avoid burnout. “Every birth and every birth space is sacred. Birth never stops being magical to me. I have chosen ‘the path with heart”.

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Sadie holds a special place in her heart for birth and motherhood.

She loves documenting other people’s stories. Freezing a life changing moment in time, making an otherworldly experience into something tangible, gifting them the opportunity to visualise their sacredness, their beauty, their power.

Sadie feels strongly about the importance of representation in all areas, for all types of people, for all kinds of experiences and endeavours for all her work to contribute to a more diverse narrative surrounding birth, families and motherhood.

“Birth photography requires you to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the driving force of connection. It’s brave, it’s tender, it’s impossible to connect without it. Without offering your own vulnerability, your own offering of connection you cannot expect other women to offer you theirs.”