Guest Speakers

Sarah Krieg

Lifestyle Photographer and Filmmaker

Creating Video Content for Clients

From family films, to branding and commercials – video is the most important asset you can add to your already thriving business. Come and learn from Sarah as she teaches you how to incorporate video into your business model, shows you the equipment you need to succeed, and gives you the tools to go out and begin booking clients. You'll learn about story boarding, frame rates, editing in premiere pro, music licensing and more! We will do hands on shooting and walk through the editing process together. Sarah will offer feedback on the first film you make after the class. You may arrive a photographer – but you will leave a filmmaker!

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Sarah Krieg is a Branding and Lifestyle photographer and filmmaker out of Southern California who is passionate about honest storytelling. This year Sarah has created video content for brands big and small including Motherly, Buzzfeed, and launched her parenting docu-series MoM for IGTV. She also creates family films and loves every second behind the lens. Sarah is a lover of bad puns, good coffee, beautiful light & belly laughs and, of course, all things video. Join Sarah in these hands on classes as she teaches you all about video, from frame rates and stabilization in the “From Photographer to Filmmaker” class to her favorite editing tips and tricks as you learn all about Premiere Pro in the “Editing for Emotion – making a movie” course. You walk away ready to create your first film!