Guest Speakers

Sue Sonnenberg

Creative Conceptual Photographer

Finding Inspiration & Cultivating Creativity

In this in-depth Bespoke session with Sue, you will begin with reflective affirmations to bring to attention your true purpose in seeking photography as a creative outlet. You will then embark on exercises to direct you further into being in the moment and developing a voice that will come through in your work. If you are seeking inspiration, this course is designed to redirect you back to your own story and your own unique gift. After goal setting Sue will also share how allowing herself to create with child-like wonder changed her own life. “Often when we feel we lack inspiration we look to others but truly we need to develop our own uniqueness.”

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Creating for herself has brought Sue back to doing what she loves, helping others. Sue’s work began as a program to raise funds for survivors of abuse while creating “healing portraits” as a form of art therapy. Here is where she learned through trial and error that she really enjoyed the process of creating art using her camera as a medium. The more she shared what she loved the more she received calls from clients wanting to create more unique images for themselves. Soon enough her dream became her life’s work.

“Our gifts are meant to be shared and doing so transforms our life and the lives of others.”