Guest Speakers

Tiril Hauan

Writer and Psychologist

Dream A Little Louder

Join Tiril as she combines her experience in psychology and photography and explores many important factors that drive her art and approach. From moving outside of your comfort zone, learning to take up space in the world, introversion, extroversion, mindfulness, vulnerability and flow. This is a class for those seeking inspiration and to re-centre themselves in a way which impacts upon self and art. Learn how to break the rules and make new ones which breathe new life into you and your artistic path.

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Tiril is a photographer, writer, and psychologist based in Norway. Tiril works full time as a creative, specializing in natural newborn and family photography.

It took Tiril such a long time to realize there are no rules to this thing.

Sure, there’s a million unwritten ones; How to be a woman; humble, gentle, always adapting and always saying sorry. How to be a photographer; funny, social, outgoing, – always posing and never silent.

But these are only rules if you let them be.

Tiril doesn’t believe in a ‘that’s how it’s supposed to be” way of taking pictures (or living).

She believes in breaking the rules that bind you, and creating new ones that help you stick to your path instead; to the things that breathe new life into you.